Night tour

Night tour

Do a night tour to the Château de Jumilhac!

Night tour in Jumilhac, a yesteryear enchantment

At dusk, when the sun shines on the horizon, the remains of the found Jumilhac yesteryear atmosphere. Thus, on a background of baroque music, let you tell the origins of the Castle by the Knight of Eon or a gente another maiden: noble Lair expanded and enriched over the centuries, following the attacks of mercenaries by Richard coeur-de-Lion (12th century), then the Black Prince and finally the Constable du Guesclin (14th century).

Change in the Renaissance and to the year 1600 incredible roofs, decorated with allegorical Ridge, deemed, unique in Europe, night lit building takes on a magical and mysterious dimension even when the haze of the evening comes wrap bartizans, cones and pyramids.

Then, browsing parts in the glow of torches and candles, dive you in the heart of the 16th and 17th centuries that discovering the surprising destiny singular.

First of all, Louise de Hautefort, Lady very beautiful, married against her will on the 2nd Earl of Jumilhac, party make war with the King of France. Sequestered in safe custody in the engaged Tower of the facade, she spent the time to paint, pray and… spinning wool, from which his nickname and the legend of the spinner.

Then, Rudolf II of Habsburg, Emperor of the Holy Roman Germanic Empire between 1575 and 1610/11. Great mystic and patron lit in tormented mind, he hosted with a number of artists, writers, scientific and… alchemists to help it find the channels that it would lead to the sky…

Finally, Antoine Chapelle (ca 1530-1611), of Lord Jumilhac and Courbefy, direct ancestor of the current Marquis of Jumilhac. Rich ironmaster mit on his vast experience and extensive metals to generate knowledge of the philosopher Pierre and, consequently, the elixir of life.

Not to mention, François, grandson of the latter, first marquis of Jumilhac by letter patent of 1655. The image of radiation from his house, divided into three branches with his children, he restructured the gardens which, in the dark of the night, draw dotted today with the central basin of the wings of the mill, both of the large cross of Saint – André.

But going from one room to another through narrow staircase, in the thickness of the wall or carved into the rock to make Metro, walk the House of spinning at the mysterious wall in the lobby of bass on the alchemical nature:

  • The storeroom, reserves for food and beverages,
  • The cellar, old torture chamber,
  • And the room of the Chapel, where lived the Lord of places and his family on a daily basis before the 17th facility which has transformed the castle to the taste of the Court of Versailles.

A total change of scenery both for small for large will help to come and why not dressed like a troubadour, Princess, fairy Lord, page… Alchemist (with a reduction in the key).

Night tour from June to September: Tuesday (June and September), Tuesday and Thursday  (July and August)

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